Bootcamp programmes

Bootcamp programmes in South London

Our bootcamps are conditioning programmes that combine boxing, motivational coaching, and nutritional guidance to help you build fitness into your lifestyle. We believe consistency and accountability are both essential to making the process work – so the most important thing you need to bring to bootcamp is a determination to see the programme through!

bootcamp programmes in south london

How does bootcamp work?

Over a 4-week period you will take part in 12 sessions designed to develop your fitness levels and improve your boxing technique, footwork, combinations, and defence skills. If you want to push yourself even further, you can add more sessions to your programme by following our online workout plans.


Minutes per session


Calories burned per session*

Whole-body workout

Targeting all major muscle groups

New Skills & challenges

Learn new skills and push yourself further

*depending on each individual – the harder you work, the more calories you’ll burn!

Who are our bootcamp programmes for?

Are you looking to get fit?

Do you want to lose unwanted fat and tone up?

Do you need motivation and accountability to help you train?

Are you looking to work with professional coaches to improve your fitness?

Do you need guidance to progress on your fitness journey?

Do you need confidence that will last a lifetime?

If so, then Q-Phiit bootcamps are for you!

Our bootcamps

begin to box bootcamp
begin to box bootcamp

Begin to Box Bootcamp

4-week course

Suitable for:

  • Boxing beginners
  • People of all fitness levels

What we’ll cover:

  • Basic punches
  • Footwork basics
  • Introduction to skipping drills

What’s included:

  • 3 group sessions per week
  • 2 optional home workouts per week
  • Customised meal plans
  • Support via app, text and email
phiit to box bootcamp q-phiit
phiit to box bootcamp

Phiit to Box Bootcamp

8-week course

Suitable for:

  • Anyone who has completed the Begin to Box Bootcamp
  • People with previous boxing experience
  • People who consider themselves fit who are looking to push themselves further

What we’ll cover:

  • Extended combinations
  • Defence techniques
  • Advanced boxing techniques
  • Advanced skipping drills

What’s included:

  • 3 group sessions per week
  • 2 optional home workouts per week
  • Customised meal plans
  • Support via app, text and email

What People Are Saying

The best! I’ve trained at so many classes but these guys are the best. Great atmosphere and very motivating. I have achieved great results and looking forward to returning!

Miles Mitchell
South London

I’ve done a lot of boxing training over the years, and Q-Phiit is one of the best!  Classes and training are above standard, you could tell everything was well researched to garner the best results. Sessions were fun but hard work, Rhys is a great trainer and if you stick at it you’ll definitely get the desired results…highly recommended.

Dalia Sal
Central London

Great sessions. I’ve tried all different types of fitness classes around London and none compare to the Q-Phiit classes. Sessions are always different so you are always working different parts of the body. Very intense and the workouts are great. Q-Phiit will help you reach your fitness goals.

Dylon Phibbs
South London

Online coaching was great during lockdown, I can really see the difference in my muscle tone. I have also been using all the fitness equipment with my home workouts. Their products are the best!!

Jasmine Paris Blades
South London

Literally my favourite class to go to! The instructors are very creative and motivating whilst pushing you to be your best! They are genuinely great guys who care just as much about your progress as you do, if not more so! Classes vary every week so you are constantly being challenged. The exercises are innovative and I am always feeling like I’ve had a proper workout the next day! Would 100% recommend 🙂

Laura Kidman
South London

The trainers are really lovely. They push me beyond my limit in sessions and the boxing is a great stress-relief. As long as you're consistent, you'll see real results.

Monique-Maya Richardson
South London

Throughly enjoyed the classes, these guys definitely put you through your pace, if you want to get fit with some fun exercises. Since starting my fitness level has improved immensely can’t thank you guys enough. Have lost 10kg since I started training with these two they have also given me a personal diet which I follow religiously. 5 stars.

Conrad Walker
Central London

Great workout with the best energy from trainers who wanna see you progress. they have a vast knowledge of what they training and it's always a pleasure / pain when I train with them.

Steven Christpohi
West London

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