Rhys Mitchell

Founder & Head Coach

Rhys Mitchell

Rhys is the founder of Q-PHIIT and one of the driving forces behind its success

He has a vision of changing the fitness industry and getting more people to workout with limited time. As an elite personal trainer he has learnt and adopted many styles of training which he now implements into his coaching. Rhys’ training programs motivate and encourage people not just to achieve their goals but to overcome them and improve their live-styles by providing a discipline, simple and creative training concept. He trust and believes that timing is a key component in achieving goals and making fitness accessible to everyone.

Rhys helped me surpass my fitness goals and taught me how to work out effectively. I really enjoyed training at such a high level.

Matt (South London) Trained by Rhys since 2016

Mia and I have been training with Rhys for the last three months and are truly loving our sessions more and more every week!

Boxing has helped me focus and channel my energy into something that has benefited me and my family - I have more confidence, more energy and am certainly more emotionally balanced throughout the week!!

Rhys is a focused and professional trainer who spends time discussing realistic goals and then tailors each session to our energy levels and ability to pick up new sequences. He is great fun to train with, encourages us so we feel that we are progressing and there is always time for reflection and a progress report In the warm down.

Rhys has never been late or cancelled a session in the time we have trained with him.

This was written after today’s session - Sweat pouring, muscles aching, head clear, smile huge!

Steph & Mia (London) Trained by Rhys since 2018

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