Staying active at home during the Covid19 lockdown

by Home Workouts

With the Coronavirus infection spreading around the world, self-isolation was one of the most effective ways to contain it. However, sedentary behaviour combined with stress, and anxiety symptoms leading to binge eating can translate into harmful consequences for your overall health

For some people, self-quarantine is affecting their daily routines of having an active life filled with exercises and other healthy habits, for others, self-isolation can be the trigger factor or harmful conditions like binge eating, sleep deprivation, and depressive behaviour combined with sedentary lifestyle thus affecting their current overall health. Here, we will give you some pieces of advice to stay active during 2020 COVID-19 lockdown period.

Home workouts to stay healthy

The WHO organization recommends a total of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercising by a week; this translates to at least 20 to 30 minutes of daily workout that can help you to stay healthy, and also remain mentally calmed during these tense times (1).

Here are some tips to stay active at home by making home workouts to enjoy the many benefits of short workouts can bring to your overall health and physique:

  • Try some stretching or yoga movement routines in your living area, so you can stay focus while keeping your joints active as well as your blood circulation
  • Some home workout can be done with the help of an old DVD, a TV program or a selection of free workout routines available on the web. By staying physically active you will keep your self-esteem boosted as well as your energies during the day while reducing the risk of suffering from anxiety, depression, and mind-related conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (2)
  • Some activities like dancing, doing your home gardening, playing with your kids, and intense home cleaning will help you to raise your heart and breathing rate thus keeping you active. here are some official routines made by the UK government to keep you focus and healthy while self-isolated.
  • Assure to incorporate active breaks throughout your day to boost your energies as well as your breathing and heart rates. Some effective ways to make it is trying gentle lifting exercises with regular household things like oven gloves, bags of rice or bottles of water
  • Leg and arm exercises possess many benefits of short workouts for many ages since they can help elders to build and maintain muscle and bone density preventing it weakness, fragility, and risk of osteoporosis (3). To try lifting exercises, you can place oven gloves or bottles of water in front of your calves while sitting on the couch and try to gently lift them by moving your legs up and down for strength.
  • Another way to get effective home workouts if adapting classical exercises to your home appliances, for example, your walls can be an excellent support for perfect sit-ups, as well as the back of your dining chairs can help you to get a more tone on legs or derriere. Use the arms of your sofa to get some inclined planks; practice all these by making four cycles of 10 repetitions and alternating with breaks, combine different exercises to get a complete exercising routine.



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The best! I’ve trained at so many classes but these guys are the best. Great atmosphere and very motivating. I have achieved great results and looking forward to returning!

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I’ve done a lot of boxing training over the years, and Q-Phiit is one of the best!  Classes and training are above standard, you could tell everything was well researched to garner the best results. Sessions were fun but hard work, Rhys is a great trainer and if you stick at it you’ll definitely get the desired results…highly recommended.

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Great sessions. I’ve tried all different types of fitness classes around London and none compare to the Q-Phiit classes. Sessions are always different so you are always working different parts of the body. Very intense and the workouts are great. Q-Phiit will help you reach your fitness goals.

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Online coaching was great during lockdown, I can really see the difference in my muscle tone. I have also been using all the fitness equipment with my home workouts. Their products are the best!!

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Literally my favourite class to go to! The instructors are very creative and motivating whilst pushing you to be your best! They are genuinely great guys who care just as much about your progress as you do, if not more so! Classes vary every week so you are constantly being challenged. The exercises are innovative and I am always feeling like I’ve had a proper workout the next day! Would 100% recommend 🙂

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The trainers are really lovely. They push me beyond my limit in sessions and the boxing is a great stress-relief. As long as you're consistent, you'll see real results.

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Throughly enjoyed the classes, these guys definitely put you through your pace, if you want to get fit with some fun exercises. Since starting my fitness level has improved immensely can’t thank you guys enough. Have lost 10kg since I started training with these two they have also given me a personal diet which I follow religiously. 5 stars.

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Great workout with the best energy from trainers who wanna see you progress. they have a vast knowledge of what they training and it's always a pleasure / pain when I train with them.

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